Saturday, March 16, 2013

Space Station Fun

Prime Minister Harper's Twitter monkeys made a foray into social media to mark Cdr. Hadfield assuming command of the International Space Station. Harper planned to speak via link-up with Cdr. Hadfield, and invited people on Twitter to pass along questions for the PM to ask using the hashtag #PMHadfield.

Of course, being one of the many smart asses on Twitter, I jumped on the bandwagon suggesting questions for Harper to ask the good Commander.

Here are a few of mine:

#PMHadfield Is Dean Del Mastro up there with you? I ask because he's missed the last 26 Ethics Committee meetings #cdnpoli 

#PMHadfield You're in heaven, right? So what god do you see, because I've bet it all on Jesus with this Office of Religious Freedom #cdnpoli 

#PMHadfield Do you need a rodent for zero-G tests? Laureen's goddamn chinchilla keeps dropping "jellybeans" in the limo. #cdnpoli 

#PMHadfield Sorry the scientists at mission control sound muffled - they're still learning how to speak through their gags. #cdnpoli 

#PMHadfield Peter MacKay wants to know how the fishing is up there? #cdnpoli 

#PMHadfield Does the space station need a gazebo? #cdnpoli 

#PMHadfield Is the Peace Tower with the giant eye of Mordor visible from space? #cdnpoli 

#PMHadfield Do you have any picture books on evolution you can lend our Minister of Science? #cdnpoli 

#PMHadfield On your next pass over Venezuela, the Prime Minister would like you to give it the finger. Thanks. #cdnpoli 

#PMHadfield Seeing the majesty of the universe & that we are all one people, doesn't it make you want cut programs for the poor? #cdnpoli

#PMHadfield Did you know that Mike Duffy is using the space station as his residence address? #cdnpoli 

#PMHadfield Like the Great Wall of China, is the Prime Minister's ego one of the things you can see from space? #cdnpoli 

#PMHadfield Since you left we stopped believing in science. You're on your own to get back. Sorry. #cdnpoli  

(By the way - have have nothing but respect and admiration for Cdr. Hadfield... )