Monday, March 4, 2013

Fill In This Blank

The CBC has reported a Saskatchewan charity that receives government funding has published this peach of a conjugation exercise for new Canadians:

Grab from CBC site

Users are invited to correctly fill in the blanks in this sentence: "The majority of voters _______ conservative." I think the word they are looking for is "voted", which is not correct for several reasons, including some that are not Orwellian. At 39% nationally, a majority of Canadian voters did not vote conservative [sic].

The follow up question is: "The majority of voters _______ conservative and as a result they _______ a Harper government."

It seems to me there are several possible answers to these Stalin-esque exercises in mind massage. How many marks would an ESL student get for the following?

"The majority of voters rejected the mean spirited and xenophobic policies of the local conservative."

"The majority of voters didn't vote conservative and as a result they were directed to fake polling stations, exposed to a massive and misleading ad campaign and were swayed by illegal spending, resulting in a Harper government."

Remember, penmanship counts.