Saturday, April 30, 2016

Dad and Honest Ed's

Yesterday I spent the day with my family and theatre impresario David Mirvish and his GM Russell Lazar. A poster of my one of father's columns has been in the window of Honest Ed's for more 30 years. When in the neighbourhood I used to pass by and enjoy seeing his slightly faded face looking down at me from behind the glass.

With Honest Ed's slated for demolition, my mom asked what was going to be done with the column poster. David Mirvish (Ed's son) kindly offered it to the family to be deposited in the Gary Lautens Archives, housed at McMaster University.

Yesterday we had a little ceremony to hand it over. I and brother Richard (Jane couldn't make it) joined mom and a couple of grandkids for a little photo op and a walk down memory lane. Afterwards David Mirvish took us on a tour of his/his late father's office which is more like a museum with a lifetime of theatre and personal memorabilia.

The Toronto Star sent a photographer and wrote up the little presentation:

Saturday, April 2, 2016

New Stephen + Steven Podcast

The newest installment of my podcast with Steven Kerzner (aka: Ed the Sock's human alter ego). This week we conduct a post-mortem on the Ghomeshi trial - what the verdict means, when and if a vigorous defence crosses the line, and how "not guilty" is different than "innocent."

Plus, following the Rob Ford funeral, what is the future of Ford Nation and the Ford political dynasty? In our estimation, not much.

Have a listen as the book is closed on these two chapters.