Friday, March 21, 2014

New CPC Election Campaign?

Just thought I'd anticipate Harper's next election campaign...

Three Cheers For the Supreme Court of Canada

Good for the Supreme Court of Canada calling out Harper on yet another attempt to bypass the law. The courts are increasingly becoming the backstop of Canadian democracy as institution after institution is being de-funded, dismantled or subverted by the Conservatives.

The refusal of a Supreme Court appointment (which I said via Twitter when it was announced was unconstitutional and couldn't be fixed by the lame "fix" hastily stuffed into a budget bill) is an unprecedented slap to Harper.

Of bigger significance is the statement that the federal government cannot unilaterally change the Supreme Court Act to suit it, as they tried. Thanks to PE Trudeau for protecting it as part of the repatriation of the Canadian Constitution. This also does not bode well for Harper's Supreme Court reference about his ability to reform the Senate alone, which I have been calling out as unconstitutional as well.

So a tip of the hat and raise a martini (Alberta - not Russian - vodka) to the 6 justices of the SCC.