Wednesday, February 26, 2014

No more free lunches! Except at the PMO.

The new sign on the PMO.
Over the last three years Harper's office has spent $67,789.48 on weekly catered lunch meetings for PMO staffers and ministerial chiefs of staff. According to the Huffington Post, this includes:

Boston Pizza ($7,724.26)
Mexican restaurant Southern Cross ($9,024.28)
Lebanese restaurant, El Mazaj ($8,471.70)
The House of Greek ($10,020.03)
Indian Express ($8,442.54)
Café Deluxe ($18,857.16)
Freshii’s ($5,249.51)

Prime Minister Stephen "no free lunches" Harper left Treasury Board President Tony Clement to explain this an apparent violation of Treasury Board policy. Clement blamed the bureaucrats, who clearly ordered food for Harper's PMO crew and ministerial staffers week after week against their will. The PMO lunchers pretty much all make six figures a year.

No word on whether the bureaucrats also chewed for them and then fed them like mother robins.

Monday, February 10, 2014

Harper's Judgment

Harper and his Conservatives have been going on about Justin Trudeau's "judgment" in all their attack ads and emails, and it is likely to become their theme of Election 2015 (since they have precious little else to run on).

I thought I would make a start on a new poster (infinitely expandable) showing how poorly Harper stacks up in the judgment department.

Here it is in PDF format (7 MB - updated August, 2015) - Harper's Judgment.

(Don't click the thumbnail below - it will show up as too small and I'll get a lot of emails and tweets about not being able to read it... Click the link above for the full-sized version.)