Thursday, August 3, 2017

New Podcast!

The audio archive of my appearance last night on #TheViewUpHere is now available.

I talk about "The Rule of Law" as the basis for a free and democratic society, but how neo-conservatives in Canada and the USA fight, resist and wilfully ignore the law in implementing their agenda through government. I call it "Law & Order Without The Law Part".

I run through the defeat in the courts of various key platform pieces of Harper and Trump's legislation for unconstitutionality, the attacks on judges and courts, and conservatives' claims that they report to a "higher power" than the courts and the law - the people.

Finally, I'll unpack the Omar Khadr case from capture to $10.5 million settlement, looking at it as a study in governments' willingness to ignore, sidestep and deny various basic human and international legal rights in the pursuit of ideology, and why it puts democracy and everyone's rights and freedoms at risk.

Have a listen.