Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Radio Archives - Recent Talk Show Appearances

Here are three of my radio appearances on @CanadianGlen's talk show archived for posterity:

July, 2014: Harper's Conservatives and their problem with (or refusal to) understand the Charter, role of the courts and the legal limits of a parliamentary constitutional democracy. I talk about their terrible record at the Supreme Court of Canada in pushing their ideological legislation without being burdened with concerns about its constitutionality or little things like a fundamental respect for the rule of law.

September, 2014: Harper’s rewriting of Canadian history to conform to his worldview. It's as if the last 60 years of progress and development in Canada never happened. Harper would like us to forget that it did so he can start over.

February, 2015: "Harper & The Tools of the One Party State - pushing the boundaries of democracy, the rule of law, and the fear economy." 'Nuff said.

Each episode is 2 hours, plus a little post-show chat.