Thursday, January 10, 2013

A Couple New De-Motivational Posters for Harper's First Nations Meeting

Harper meets tomorrow with First Nations Chiefs and representatives so he can preach at them about the "economic opportunities" of playing along with his government and supporting bill C-45. Somehow I suspect that FN "economic opportunities" would increase during Harper's resource sell off if more of them opened up Chinese takeouts in the north. 

This meeting grudgingly agreed to by the PM comes as the Idle No More" movement starts to gain popular awareness, even though an audit report was leaked about "incomplete documentation" for Attawapiskat's finances no doubt to soften them up prior to the meeting and to take the wind out of the personal sails of Chief Spence during her hunger strike. Of course, other audits slammed the federal Government for their mishandling of funds at their end as well.

I don't expect much from the government side - all they hope to accomplish is to diffuse and divide - but I hope the FN representatives tomorrow have crafted a clear and concise message for the larger audience.