Friday, July 13, 2012

Beard Attack!

Not content to do badly at a single medium, I decided to branch out and try a little video cabaret. The result - my faux Conservative attack ad showing why you shouldn't trust Mulcair.

Who knows? With my near-mastery of another technology you may soon see me video blogging like some 14 year old xBox gamer.

By the way - the video seems to act like some political Rorschach test. I've actually had messages from Conservatives saying they liked it. Irony much?

YouTube Poster Slideshow!

I've also collected some of my Conservative De-Motivational posters and set them to ominous music on YouTube. No more tedious flipping through individual poster images by hand. What is this, the Dark Ages?

Here's Part 1 - I'll post the other 30 or so when I get around to it.