Tuesday, April 24, 2012

A Hill of Beans

The CBC posted a story on their website March 23, 2011, about the graceful way the federal government was telling civil servants they were being "downsized". ("Stick figures used to explain cuts to federal employees:'Insulting' diagram found in information packages used across several departments")

Included in the package was a cheesy PowerPoint slide from 2003 about the stages of grief (and opportunity) employees go through when getting fired. Needless to say, they found the Harper Government (TM) a little insensitive.

Here's the illustration:

It was done with what is called Microsoft "bean" figures, which looked terrible even in the dawn of PowerPoint a decade ago.

I thought I could do better. Here's my updated version:

Feel free to pass it out to any civil servant given the boot by our caring government.